Bush Bling brings together Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jewellers from remote islands to major cities, united under the roof of Aboriginal Bush Traders in a celebration of craftsmanship, skill and diversity.

Continuing millennia of adornment of hands, necks, ears and bodies in traditional cultures this exhibition has invited artists who are breaking ground in their contemporary practice to show their work in an insightful context. The artists constantly draw on their knowledge of the land, totem animals and dreaming stories as they weave tradition together with resin, reclaimed materials, precious metals and acrylic paint producing contemporary highly designed pieces that sing of the strength and pride of cultural leaders grounded in their artistic practice.

For seven weeks Aboriginal Bush Traders will dazzle visitors with glittering gems and exquisite workmanship and the opportunity to purchase highly coveted items and participate in hands on craft experiences.

6pm Fri 15 Mar 2019

Friday 15 March 2019 to Friday 3 May 2019