0818-002 "Gingng (Echidna)" by Nathan Harrison FRAMED

0818-002 "Gingng (Echidna)" by Nathan Harrison FRAMED


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Original artwork, acrylic on canvas

35cm x 45cm (Framed)

"The Gingng (Echidna) lives in an anthill or under rocks. Sometimes my family hunts them and eats them. They usually walk around daytime and feed on ants." (Nathan Harrison)

Moiety: Yitijar

Clan: Dukul

Region: Bulman, Arnhem Land, NT

Language: Dullabon


Originally from Bulman community, Nathan is now based in Darwin.

Nathan is a painter, specialising in rarrk (cross-hatching). Nathan enjoys painting the animals and plants that are found near Bulman in central Arnhem Land.