16-18 'Women's Dreaming' POC by Biddy Yulngarri Jurrah/Long


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Original artwork, acrylic on linen 30cm x 30cm

"This dreaming tells about women’s ceremony. It affirms womens place in
Warlpiri society. The Dreaming story marks large tracks of land of which
women are guardian over. Particular men are workers for the women. They
are called kurdungurlu. This works in reverse as well, where the particular
women work for particular men. Only the women know this dreaming. It talks about travelling from north to south, west to east into the new sun signifying a new day and new life. They teaching all the young kids. They all teach people from different skin groups, so that the dreamings are passed along to the young children."

Warnayaka Art & Cultural Aboriginal Corporation - Lajamanu