Annie Moors, Africa Man, 2019, (framed), posca markers on cardboard, Free Space Studios

Annie Moors, Africa Man, 2019, (framed), posca markers on cardboard, Free Space Studios


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Artist Biography
Born in Darwin Annie has grown up traveling between Milingimbi and Darwin and navigating two cultures, while being predominantly based in Darwin. Much of Annie’s artistic practice is related to her Yolngu culture, family and country in Milingimbi. Annie is bilingual, speaking both Yolngu Matha (as her first language) and English (as her second language). Annie is an expressive painter and possesses a visual language is both sophisticated and articulate. Annie paints with a highly developed technique, which allows her to express complex themes and subject matter of personal and cultural significance to Annie, and often featuring text in combination with portraiture. Annie’s work probes the depths of existential experience and relates to dreams, love, loss, family, and Yolngu culture. 

Annie's significant talent and strong visual language have been instrumental in gaining independent self-expression. Annie has a strong sense of identity as a Yolngu woman from Milingimbi and her painting practice is informed by both traditional and contemporary urban indigenous culture. 

Annie has been really making her mark recently, in 2019 Annie is the recipient of a place on the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts  and Disability Mentorship  program. In 2016 Annie received the support of The Australia Council for the Arts to develop her first major solo exhibition which took place at Blak Dot Gallery in Melbourne 2017. In 2017 she also designed a large scale public artwork for the Darwin Festival with Darwin based mural artist David Collins which earned her significant acclaim. In 2018 Annie’s works was selected as part of the Live Darwin Initiative. 

About Free Space Studio
Free Space Studio provides studio access for artists in Darwin with disability and creates opportunities for disability-led visual arts productions and publications. They run facilitated visual arts workshops in a range of mediums and support artists to participate in art prizes, to exhibit in contemporary spaces, and to undertake solo exhibitions.

About Gesture
Aboriginal Bush Traders is proud to present Gesture, an exhibition foregrounding the artistic practice of Indigenous artists with disability in the Northern Territory. Featuring the work of artists from Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artists (Central Desert), Free Space Studio (Darwin) Ngaruwanajirri Inc. (Tiwi) and the work of Dion Beasley (Tennant Creek), Gesture speaks to bold mark making and the presence of the artist’s hand. In another sense, gesture also speaks to forms of communication that are non-verbal and the importance of those forms for communities of people with disability.