DM2018 110-17 Mary Elizabeth Moreen "Wurrijinga" 45m x 45cm $265 framed
DM2018 403-17 Mary Elizabeth Moreen "Yinkiti" 60cm x 60cm $310 framed

DM2018 Jilamara Arts original artworks ochre on canvas

DM2018 JILA 110-17

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"Jilamara artists have world renowned reputations of producing high quality traditional Tiwi art. Working only with natural ochres from the immediate surrounds, Jilamara artists create paintings, works on paper, barks, ironwood tutuni and pukamani poles and pandanus weavings. Keeping culture strong and handing down knowledge to Tiwi youth are core values of this not for profit indigenous owned organisation. Jilamara is a creative place where artists, work, learn and grow together." (Jilamara Arts - Melville Island)

Mary Elizabeth Moreen

Born: 1946

Region: Tiwi Islands

Country: Wulurangku (Karslake)

Language: Tiwi

Skin group: Yikwani (Fire)

Dance: Yirrikipayi (Crocodile) and Tarnakini (Flying Fox)