Jupi Earring, Loretta George, Djilpin Arts

Jupi Earring, Loretta George, Djilpin Arts


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9 Carat gold, including chain and earring hooks. Gold earring, Jupi (Bush Blackcurrant)

Loretta George

Birth Date 1967

Language Rittharrngu

Skin Bilinydja

'My name is Loretta George, I was raised in Ngukurr, Roper River and now live at Beswick Community with my family.
I started doing art work when seeing my mum Angelina George doing her painting of bush flowers and landscapes. Also I watched
my Aunty Nora Bindula (Wamutjan) do carvings from wood of birds and crocodiles.
I also like weaving and was taught by Noreena Ashley and Vera Cameron. I like to weave mats and string bags and also paint bush

Djilpin Arts is a not-for-profit organisation established for the benefit of the Beswick community.  It was established in 2002 to maintain, develop and promote local traditional and contemporary Aboriginal visual and performing arts. Working in country with kin and culture across generations, our activities are rich in spirit, bringing healing to the community and linking traditional culture with modern enterprise.