Key Ring - Nin Designs Kakadu
Key Ring - Nin Designs Kakadu
Key Ring - Nin Designs Kakadu

Key Ring - Nin Designs Kakadu


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Hi! My name is Frear Alderson. I'm a Traditional Owner from the Murumburr clan, Kakadu region. "I wanted to share some stories that you may miss while travelling through country. So you can learn a little more about the place and it's people. I'd like to show you the different plants and animals on country, and some stories of hunting and gathering. Please enjoy!"

BADJU - Bush Potato

This is one plant that's fun to look for. This plant is one of those plants that you are taught at a young age to look for. It's really fun looking through the new shoots of grass at the start of the wet season and finding a purple bell no more than 1cm. Following the stem down to the ground and digging up a small potato at the end.


Lotus lilies are one of my favourite flowers. As a child the lotus lilies would tower over me as I sank in mud of the floodplains, surrounded by stems and the green leaves. We collected the seed pods as well as the odd flower if the water was not too deep and I did not sink too much. the stems of this plant have a rough surface; scratches and leeches were a given when gathering them on the Kakadu floodplains.


This is my favourite in every way. Lotus lily seeds are one of my favourite foods that I love eating. Mainly collected on the floodplains in the build-up season when the floodplains are drying out. Tasting sweet and nutty, I can never get enough of the young seeds. I enjoy being surrounded by this plant on the floodplains of my home.