"The Kunwinjku Counting Book" - Gabriel Maralngurra Injalak Arts

"The Kunwinjku Counting Book" - Gabriel Maralngurra Injalak Arts


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Published by Injalak Arts in 2016 The Kunwinku Counting Book is bi-lingual - with text in both English and Kunwinjku. Each illustration, based on an original painting by Gabriel Maralngurra, shows animals of the region painted with grace and precision.

The book also includes some great insights into the environmental habits and quirky features and observations about the different birds, reptiles, fish, insects and mammals. Plus some detailed information about the ecology of West Arnhem Land.

The book operates at different levels with beautiful images and increasing levels of information about the subjects, their idiosyncrasies and environment.

An added bonus is the book was printed in Australia by Finsbury Green, renowned as Australia's  premier green printer. The book was designed by Amber Young with text by Gabriel Maralngurra and Felicity Wright.

Gabriel Maralgnurra is a co-founder of Injalak Arts and is now Co-Manager and senior artist and can be seen on site most days creating superb paintings. In 1989, when in his early twenties, he and other young men and women established the art centre  and continues to be a driving force behind the art centre today. More than twenty-five years of sustained artistic practice are reflected in the breadth and depth of the subjects he paints, his fluent line-work and highly original compositions. Whilst being an innovative artist who enjoys experimentation his own confident and fluid style is unmistakable, always balancing studied naturalism with a strong sense of design and stylisation. 

Gabriel is continually inspired by the rock art of West Arnhem Land, always referencing and working within this artistic tradition while pursuing formal innovations and new designs. His knowledge of creation stories, plants and animals gives him a wide range of material. He is an ambassador and intercultural mediator for Kunwinjku culture, having worked many years as a fabric screenprinter and designer, a Injalak hill tour guide, Kunwinjku-English translator, Injalak Arts board member and chairperson, and now Co-Manager of Injalak Arts. He has also travelled widely around Australia and internationally for art related events.