Liritja, Lynette Lewis, Indigenous Jewellery Project, 2

Liritja, Lynette Lewis, Indigenous Jewellery Project, 2


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Liritja (necklace), Wayanu tatü (Quandong seed) cast in resin, wood, copper, 37 cm

Strung on professional jewellers wire (tiger tail)

'My name is Lynette Lewis I am an artist and mother from Ernabella. I use my hands to express my country and my culture. I am interested in the patterns, the lines and colours I see in the world around me.

I create work in ceramics, painting and more recently contemporary jewellery. For a long time I have also created traditional jewellery using tatu (seeds) and punu (timber carving.) My mother, Atipalku Intjalki, is also an artist; she passed these jewellery skills down to me.

In my painting and ceramics I tell the tjala Tjukurpa (honey ant story) of my father’s country, a place called Makiri near Fregon in the APY Lands. Tjala or honey ants live deep in the ground beneath Mulga trees in tunnels called nyinantu.

When I create liritja (necklaces) I use beautiful coloured wooden beads and also wayanu (quandong) seeds cast in resin. Resin holds light. The resin beads glow with their beautiful colours in the same way the mana maru (backside) of the tjala do when they are full of sweet honey.'