Pandanus Necklace Anita Nayinggul Injalak Arts 236-19

Pandanus Necklace Anita Nayinggul Injalak Arts 236-19


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Pandanus and natural dyes, bush string. Sterling silver findings.

5 x 60 cm

Anita Nayinggul is the daughter of Irene and Jacob Nayinggul and a brother to Alfred (painter), Connie and Katie (both weavers). Anita is a multi-talented artist who uses traditional techniques to experiment with form and design. Using a mixture of pandanus and bush string, Nayinggul pushes the boundaries of the materials to create exquisite contemporary jewellery, dilly bags and handbags. Her mother Irene was featured in the book Twined Together and her father Jacob was a pivotal figure in the protection of the family’s ancestral land, and the sharing of their indigenous culture. 

Injalak Arts is a non-profit Aboriginal-owned social enterprise located in Gunbalanya, West Arnhem Land. Injalak Arts is an outstanding example of a community organisation that is 100% Aboriginal owned and delivers positive social, economic and cultural outcomes for its members.